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Excel Gantt Chart Template Deluxe 2.6.3

Excel Gantt Chart Template Deluxe 2.6.3: Excel Gantt Chart Template. Up to 100 tasks. Daily, weekly, monthly options. Excel Gantt Chart Template - Create Gantt Charts in Excel The Excel Gantt Chart Template Deluxe Edition makes it easy to create professional-looking Gantt charts in Excel. Three separate Excel Gantt chart templates are included with your purchase: Daily: Manage projects and tasks from one day to 255 days in duration. Weekly: Manage projects and tasks from one week to four years in duration. Monthly: Manage projects and tasks from one month to 20

Gantt Chart Creator for Excel 2.1: Excel Gantt chart template. Create Gantt charts in Excel in minutes.
Gantt Chart Creator for Excel 2.1

The Gantt Chart Creator for Excel is an Excel Gantt chart template package that makes it extremely easy to create Gantt charts in Excel. Our Gantt chart software comes with three Excel Gantt chart templates (daily, weekly, monthly). The Gantt Chart Creator for Excel works within Microsoft Excel so you already know how to use it. Manage up to 100 tasks and team members. The entire Gantt chart creation process takes just minutes to complete.

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EasyGantt Excel Gantt Chart 2.1: EasyGantt Excel Gantt Chart
EasyGantt Excel Gantt Chart 2.1

Excel file that requires no installation program or add-ins. EasyProjectPlan is designed for distribution to project team members so they can easily input their tasks, dates and status using a user-friendly Excel interface. EasyProjectPlan features include: - Easy-to-use Excel project plan. - Synchronize tasks with Microsoft Project and Outlook. - Create and Print Gantt Charts using Excel. - No installation program required. - Implement in any company

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Blue Excel 1.6: Blue Excel is deisgned to create Gantt Chart, Integration Plan and Resource Plan
Blue Excel 1.6

Blue Excel is a powerful Excel Addin. It is designed to make program Gantt Chart and embedded a demo for easy learning. Excel is often used to make program plan instead of Microsoft Project due to it is familiar by most people.Blue Excel provides faster way to create program Gantt Chart plan. Also Excel embedded features can give you the flexibility to make the work easy and don`t to learn a new tool.

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Teamwork Planner Pro 2.0: The first project planning tool you will enjoy to use. Try it for your project!
Teamwork Planner Pro 2.0

Gantt chart by clearly showing each person`s assigned hours without sacrificing the original idea behind Gantt charts. You will be amazed how to the point this is. Highlights: Continuously updates Gantt chart, One click to change task priorities, Tabs for easy navigation, Color coding each person on the chart, Clear notion of partly allocated days, Automatic redistribution of hours with every change, Direct printing to PDF, Export to Excel, Copies

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XLProject 2.0: Create a gantt chart in MS Excel easily
XLProject 2.0

With XL Project it is possible to administrate your projects easily and efficiently. Do you also think that software like MS Project are too complicated and too expensive? Are you looking for something that will help You to administrate your projects without the hassle of too much functionality? Then XL Project is the tool you need! With XL Project you are able to create and administrate gantt charts in MS Excel very easily!

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JGantt 2010.2: JGantt is advanced gantt chart component for Swing with chart layers painting.
JGantt 2010.2

JGantt is gantt chart component for Swing. The component consists of advanced treetable, chart header and chart component. Each of these subcomponents is customizable, so your gantt chart can look quite differently. Supports: simple data model, lazy loading, internationalization, in-place editing, data binding, date granularity controlled by the zoom policy. Chart is painted in layers. Documentation and demo application are included. Try it free.

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